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Company Profile
Feroz Feeds Ltd is the premier supplier of poultry feeds and veternirary medicines for the poultry and nutritrion industry. Its industry leading manufacturing, marketing and distribution customer support system has been providing farmers with numerous services since 15 years.

Computer Control Room Plant
Feroz Feeds was the first to introduce a fully automated feed plant in Pakistan. The plant is equipped with world famous, Computer Controlled Machinery from Van Aarsen, complete with two pelleting lines to produce upto 200,000 tons of feeds per annum. Our in-house quality control laboratory is fully equipped with state of the art equipment, where all incoming raw materials are assayed before acceptance. Daily production of feeds is also assayed.



Market technical Support Team is highly dedicated, well qualified and experienced providing technical advisory and vaccination services to the farmers.

Currently we are manufacturing all rations for Broilers, Layers and Breeders. We also have Provision for Cattle and Fish feed.
Salient features of our products.

  • Lowest mortality rate.
  • Efficient feed intake.
  • Highest protein level throught Pakistan.
Products range.
B1 Broiler Starter Mash Use: From 1 to 28 days
B2 Broiler Finisher Mash Use: From 29 to 42 Days.
L3 Chick Starter Mash Use: From 1 to 112 Days.
L4 Chick Grower Mash Use: From 11 3 to 40 Days.
L5 Layer Mash Use: From 141 days onwards.
B6 Broiler Starter Crumble Use: From 1 to 28 days.
B7 Broiler Finisher Pellet


Use: From 29 to 42 days.


Layer Use: Breeders in Production Made to Order


Current Feed Prices FOB/Metric Ton.
(Note: Subject to change without notice)

Effective March 2002:
B1 $237/-
B2 $230/-
L3 $219/-
L4 $197/-
L5 $206/-
B6 $242/-
B7 $235/-
BB8 $237/-

Marketing Department
Marketing Executives

Domestic Sales is through our network of distributors.
Please email us for information of distributor in your area.